Shur-Tite Multiple Mailbox Support

Shur-Tite Multiple Mailbox Support

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  • Complies with all Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and National Cooperative Highway Research Program 350 (NCHRP 350) regulations.
  • Made of galvanized steel with a white powder-coated finish, which provides two levels of protection against corrosion.
  • Assembly socket and wedge are made of SHUR-TITE thermoplastic, eliminating the possibility of rust (and rust-related structural weakening).

Install and maintain several mailboxes at once with Multiple Mailbox Support assemblies by SHUR-TITE!

Multiple Mailbox Support frames provide a sturdy, easy-to-use mounting platform for up to four standard-sized mailboxes. Individual mailbox brackets prevent the boxes from turning or rotating after being attached to the frame, and the design of the ground support leg and installation socket help ensure that the entire structure stays level and even. And worry not, mail carriers (and folks trying to avoid earning the ire of their local mail carriers): the assembly provides the federally mandated 42 inches of clearance between the ground and the bottom of each mailbox!

All of these features come in a white, highly visible but aesthetically pleasing unit that’s sure to compliment nearly any outdoor environment.

SHUR-TITE thermoplastic socket and wedge combos are universal, making them compatible with other SHUR-TITE single and double mailbox assemblies. This also allows for easy replacement in the case of a damaged mechanism.

How to Use

For the convenience of our customers, Transline is happy to host official documentation put out by SHUR-TITE regarding Multiple Mailbox Support assemblies. Follow the included links to learn more about this product, including detailed installation instructions.

Please note that support frames and mailboxes are sold separately. When installing multiple mailboxes, the manufacturer recommends placing larger and heavier boxes on the outside of the assembly. Mailbox brackets utilize a single, 5/16 inch x 3 inch bolt to hold boxes in place.