Guard Rail Delineators

Guard Rail Delineators come with 7 square inches (45.5 sq. cm) of reflective area.

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Top mounted reflective guardrail markers create bright delineation, creating safer roads and safer driving conditions.

In low light and poor weather conditions, guardrails can practically disappear causing hazardous driving conditions. As noted in the 2009 MUTCD, Section 3F:04: “When needed for special conditions, delineators of the appropriate color may be mounted in a closely-spaced manner on the face of or on top of guardrails or other longitudinal barriers to form a continuous or nearly continuous “ribbon” of delineation.”

Our guardrail markers are highly visible, very durable and easy to install. They are manufactured with virgin engineering resins, the brightest reflective tapes and are constructed to endure the rigors of construction work zones and permanent installations alike.