Florida Transcor helping to honor Veterans

Florida Transcor, owned by Transline Industries, Inc. is proud to announce our partnership with Atlantic Beach in honoring the lives of the City’s fallen Veterans through an adopted program that installs Veterans Dedication Signs at various locations throughout the city of Jacksonville! Florida Transcor is happily honoring 2ND LT. JOHN J. AHERN, JR. – placing his sign at the corner of Ahern Street and Ocean Blvd. Our Veterans deserve honor and remembrance.


Below is an article printed in Beaches Leader (Jacksonville, Florida) – October 29, 2020

Atlantic Beach officials unanimously approved a program to honor the lives of the city’s fallen veterans. The City Commission passed a resolution Monday adopting a program to install veterans dedication signs. Military historian Lenny Jevic of the Beaches Veterans Memorial Park detailed the Fallen Military Veterans Street Sign project Monday which will pay tribute to the city’s four World War II veterans and one Vietnam veteran by placing a street sign at a location designated by the city.

“I came up with this idea to present to the city from my hometown of Edison, N.J., that honors their veterans,” said Jevic. “I shared my idea with Florida Transcor [and] Operations Manager John Graham who makes traffic and street signs and they we’re excited to be part of honoring our fallen veterans and agreed to partner with me to make each sign at cost for the patriotic program. I shared my idea with the Beaches Veteran s Memorial Park Committee who immediately supported it.”

Deputy City Manager Kevin Hogencamp said Jevic first approached the city about the program nearly a year ago.

“He’s done a lot of leg work since then,” said Hogencamp. “He’s inspiring us to do lots of things to honor our community’s veterans. This is just one of them.”

Honor signs will be installed at streets named in honor of World War II Veterans. 2 LT John J. Ahern Jr. will be placed at the corner of Ahern Street and Ocean Boulevard. PFC Solomon C. Sturdivant at the corner of Sturdivant Avenue and Sherry Drive.

And, Staff Sgt Robert B. David at the corner of David Avenue and Seminole Road. A sign honoring Lt. j.g. Richard Bull will be placed at the location of his childhood home at Beach Avenue/Eleventh Street.

Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Everett, Vietnam will be placed at the corner of Mealy Street and Dutton Island Road where his childhood home was located and about a mile from the SFC Leroy Everett Memorial Parkway leading into Dutton Island Preserve.

“Leroy was born on Mealy Lane which at the time was all considered Atlantic Beach. Duval County took over in the ’60s. We have the parkway named after him going into Dutton island. He was born right there and I think it would be appropriate to put his sign at Mealy Street and Dutton Island Road because right down the road is where his birth house was. I’ve talked to a

bunch of his friends and they can’t wait for that.”

Jevic said participating businesses will sponsor each veteran’s sign, adding that the response was so overwhelming that right now he has more sponsors lined up than signs. Sponsors include Florida Transcor who will honor 2nd lt. John J. Ahern Jr., VETCARE in the name of Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Everett, The Bull Family in memory of Lt. j.g. Richard Bull, Kate and Kyle Kettell of Kettell Inc. in honor of Staff Sgt. Robert B. David and American Legion Post 316 & American Legion Auxiliary Unit 316 to recognize Pfc. Solomon C. Sturdivant.

Commissioner Blythe Waters voiced her thanks to Jevic for doing the research, including reviewing hundreds of pages of minutes dating back several decades, to get the project underway.

“It was not a small amount of legwork, how many minutes and how many people that Mr. Jevic contacted [for this project]. He gets major props for that,” she said.

“This is such a cool project and anything that brings the city’s history to the forefront for current residents is fantastic. A lot of what our kids learn happens at home and in our communities, not always in school,” she said. “This is such a great example of something that makes what they’re learning in a history textbook