Highlighter LED Mini Lightbar
Highlighter LED Mini Lightbar

Highlighter LED Mini Lightbar

Sleek, low-profile LED lightbar provides 360-degrees of continuous light output. Measuring a mere 2.7-inch high (permanent mount), the stealthy HighLighter LED mini-lightbar features Solaris™ LED reflector technology to re-direct light for substantially improved off-axis warning. Reflectors provide 360-degrees of continuous light output, while virtually eliminating dark spots. Advanced circuitry keeps this lightbar on the road…and out of the repair shop.

  • Solaris LED reflector technology for better optical efficiency and superior off-axis warning.
  • Patented ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry) technology.
  • Highly effective 360 degree of light output.
  • Low-profile, only 2.7″ tall: 15″ long
  • Available in Magnetic Mount or Permanent Mount model
  • Magnetic mount model includes a cigarette lighter plug and built-in ON-OFF switch that makes them simple to install and simple to operate.
  • Suitable for a variety of applications—construction, repair and service vehicles, as well as police and fire.
  • HighLighter units can also be either wired together or integrated with other LED lighting (ask associate for details) for a completely synchronized warning system.

Highlighter LED Mini Lightbar

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