6 Volt Barricade Lights

6-Volt & D-Cell Barricade Lights

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Equipped with our “First Flash” function, the LED will flash once as soon as the barricade light is switched
into the “ON” position. This works regardless of the surrounding light conditions.
The function helps with checking whether the batteries are still operational even during the day time. Rather than trying to
“shade” the barricade light to trigger the photocell to activate the flashing, this feature offers a quick and easy method to
service this barricade light in the field.
Simply by turning the barricade light off and on, the light will flash indicating the batteries are still operational.

Housing Features:

  • Impact-resistant housing with UV stabilizers
  • Fitted to hold 2pcs 6V spring-top batteries
  • Battery polarity terminals clearly marked on the case for easy battery
  • installation
  • Lens Features:
  • 7” lens diameter, fresnel-design for maximum light performance
  • Lens is constructed from high-strength polycarbonate (PC) material
  • 1/2” retro-reflective outer ring
  • Lens is assembled with 5 screws and 5 nuts to create a water-tight seal