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Mobile Patrol Stand

  • Compatible with TC-400 or TC-600 Radar Speed Signs.
  • Choose from a 6 ft. or 8 ft. aluminum sign pole.
  • 36 inches wide and 33 inches deep.

Move your speed radar signs around as needed with our mobile patrol stands!

Transline is proud to offer mobile stands by Radarsign in our product catalog. These items are safety orange in color and made of sturdy, powder-coated steel. Solid, 10-inch wheels guarantee a long lifespan and easy transportation, while the angled design of the stand’s back end helps provide stability. It also helps prevent a cart from drifting away once it’s been “parked.”

Mobile patrol stands are able to support an aluminum sign pole, a speed limit sign, and a radar sign, all without being too large or heavy on their own. In fact, the unit will easily fit into a standard-sized pickup truck bed, and it’s light enough to be tilted and rolled by a single person, too.

Whether you want to promote safe speeds on a campus-controlled roadway, a parking deck, a dock, or anywhere else, our mobile patrol stands are up to the task!

Each stand includes either an interchangeable speed limit sign or a fixed speed limit sign; verify which type of sign you will need prior to placing your order. Please note that, while the width and depth of the stand are fixed, its height will vary depending upon whether you choose a six-foot sign pole or an eight-foot pole. Radar signs and mobile patrol stands are sold separately.

Official Radarsign Mobile Patrol Stand Spec Sheet

Mobile Patrol Stand

Mobile Patrol Stand – Available for use withthe TC400 or TC 600 Models.

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