3M H-701R UV Safety Hard Hat

3M H-701R-Uv Hardhat W/Uvicator Ratchet Suspension White

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  • Suspension sits lower on wearer’s head compared to other hard hat designs; this allows for reduced pressure and encourages proper usage.
  • Ratchet suspension enables smooth, easy turning and ensures a snug, safe fit. The suspension can be adjusted without taking the hat off.
  • Transline carries white hats as part of our standard product catalog. Contact a sales representative for information on ordering hats in other colors.

Hard hats are standard safety equipment on construction sites around the world. Go one step beyond with H-701R UV Safety Hard Hats by 3M!

Though hard hats are designed to protect the wearer from bumping their head on exposed structures or being struck by small, falling objects, they can become brittle or fragile when exposed to too much UV light from the sun. To combat this phenomenon, UV Safety Hats feature a built-in sensor that can show–at a glance–when the hat has absorbed a significant amount of UV light and thus should no longer be used.

In addition to the UV indicator, these hard hats sport easy-to-adjust support rigging, a soft brow pad, slots to accommodate various 3M accessories (sold separately), and a short brim for improved upward visibility. They comply with the regulations specified in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) Z89.1-2009 standard regarding head protection. Overall, these hats are designed with both safety AND comfort in mind!

How to Use

The UV indicator does not require batteries or any kind of power source. Instead, the indicator patch will gradually fade from red to white as it absorbs UV rays. A white patch indicates that the hat should be replaced, even if it doesn’t “look” damaged.

Hats come in a single, standard size. Individuals should use the built-in suspension rig to create a custom fit. Always comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and any local laws regarding the usage of safety equipment—including hard hats—in construction zones. And, of course, please exercise caution in hazardous areas, regardless of your current gear!