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2-Part Epoxy Concrete Sealer

  • Dries clear on concrete and asphalt.
  • Can be applied via conventional OR airless spray.
  • Has a pot life of 12 hours at 68° F but, once applied, will dry in minutes.

Epoxy Part A – 5 Gallon Pail
Catalyst Part B – 5 Gallon Pail 

Two heads are better than one, and a two-part sealer is stronger than a single formula, as well!

This 2-part epoxy concrete sealer is the ideal solution for extending the life of thermoplastic pieces and markings. Use it to help bond plastic and other epoxies to even the most stubborn surfaces. The sealer can be used to finish interior concrete floors, as well. When used properly, the product will protect sealed items from wear and tear—even in the face of heavy vehicular traffic.

Transline sells this 2-part sealer in 5 gallon pails. Each set includes one pail of Component A (epoxy) and one pail of Component B (catalyst).

How to Use

For the convenience of our customers, Transline is happy to host official documentation put out by the Crown Paint Company regarding 2-part epoxy concrete sealer. Follow the included link to learn more about this product, including detailed application instructions:

Product Data Sheet

Please note that both the epoxy and the catalyst are necessary to make the product set correctly; equal amounts of Component A and Component B should be mixed together in a separate container. The combined substance must be allowed to set for 10 to 20 minutes prior to application.

Sealer should ONLY be applied to dry pavement. The mixture will bond better to surfaces that have been slightly roughened (e.g., by brush blasting) than ones that are completely smooth. For best results, remove all old paint and debris prior to application.

This product should not be used in temperatures below 50°F or above 90°F. Also refrain from using when the relative humidity exceeds 80%. At 77°F, the sealer will be “dust-free” dry in 5-7 minutes, ready for a recoat in 3-15 minutes, and fully cured in 7 days.

This two component product may be applied over a primer or direct-to-metal. Compatible with most existing coatings.

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