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Standard Epoxy Adhesive – 10 Gallon

  • 100% solids.
  • Can be mixed by hand or by use of automatic mixing and metering equipment.
  • Solvent free.

Product Description

Our standard epoxy adhesive is now available in 10-gallon pails. Buy in bulk to save time and money on your project!

Mix equal amounts of Component A and Component B, and within minutes, you’ll have a strong, durable adhesive that’s ideal for anchoring traffic buttons to road surfaces and repairing damaged concrete. This durable, low-odor and low-fume epoxy sets relatively quickly; it’s traffic-ready in about two hours, achieves high bond strength in 24 hours, and fully cures after a week.

Estimated application rates for this product are:
• 2 ½ inch by 4 ½ inch Rectangular Marker – 100 uses per gallon.
• 4-inch Round/Square Marker – 50 uses per gallon.
• 8-inch Round Marker – 15 uses per gallon.
• 8-inch Safe-Hit Base Marker – 15 uses per gallon.

Individual results may vary.

How to Use

When working with two-part epoxy, always mix equal amounts of Component A (resin) and Component B (catalyst). Do not dilute the mixture. Though B-22 Epoxy can be mixed by hand, we strongly recommend utilizing a mechanical agitator—e.g., an electric drill with a mixing paddle attachment. Stir the epoxy for at least three minutes before applying it to a surface or a traffic calming device. Only compile as much product as you need for the current job; do not attempt to store the combined mixture for later use.

Epoxy adhesive should be installed on clean, dry pavement when the surface temperature is at least 50°F. If the surface temperature is cooler than 50°F, the epoxy may not cure completely until after the temperature rises. Clear the area of dirt and debris prior to application. Sandblasting or grinding may be necessary to remove oil stains and existing markings, though simply degreasing the area with a solvent rag will usually be sufficient.

For more information on this product, please download and read the following document:
Industrial Coating B-22 Epoxy Adhesives Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Standard Set Epoxy Adhesives are 100% solids, solvent-free, 2 component epoxy structural adhesive.

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