Bitumen Flexible Marker Adhesive

Evergrip Flexible GTR (Ground Tire Rubber) Bituminous Marker Adhesive is a hot melt bituminous adhesive used to permanently bond pavement markers to Portland cement concrete and asphaltic concrete

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Evergrip Flexible GTR (Ground Tire Rubber) Bituminous marker adhesive is a hot melt adhesive for the placement of pavement markers. It can be used to bond both ceramic and plastic markers to Portland cement concrete, asphaltic concrete, or chip-sealed road surfaces. Composed of select asphaltic material blended with mineral filler. Applicator is sold separately.

4 pieces per box
Weight 44 lbs
Superior Flexibility
Superior Impact Resistance

Limitations: Should not be heated above 400 degrees F.
Surface Preparation: Pavement surface should be dry, properly cleaned and blown free of sand and other finely divided particles.
Working Conditions: Apply in normal dry working conditions when ambient temperature is at least 40 degrees F.
Application: Melt product to desired consistency in a temperature-controlled heater applicator with a push bar for manual propulsion and steering, left/right dispensing valves and a manual agitator system. Recommended application temperature is 375 degrees F. Dispense adhesive at desired intervals onto clean, dry surface. Press marker into adhesive and allow to dry for two minutes before subjecting the marker to traffic.
Coverage: 1 lb. is sufficient to adhere 2 1/2 markers.
Precautions: Use extreme care when handling the hot adhesive; avoid splashing material. If any hot adhesive should contact the skin, plunge affected part immediately into cold water. Remove cooled asphalt from skin with mineral spirits or any other non-irritating solvent. Do not attempt to peel cooled asphalt off the skin. See a physician immediately. Do not take internally.

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