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600CC Epoxy Dispensing Gun

  • Holds a total of 600 CCs of adhesive (300 CCs of each component).
  • Comes ready-made; no assembly required.
  • Ideal for installing post bases, reflective markers, barriers, and guard rails.

Enjoy all the benefits of two-part epoxy with practically none of the drawbacks!

Our 600 CC epoxy dispensing guns make it easy to mix and apply adhesive without making a mess of things. Just load in the cartridges and squeeze the trigger. You’ll get a controlled dollop of product that’s easy to apply exactly where you need it to go. Transline epoxy dispensers are a great way to cut back on product waste, and they promote better workplace safety by allowing operators to keep their distance from potentially harmful chemicals.

These dispensers are lightweight and compact. Once you try them, you’ll never want to go to a job site without one!

How to Use

We recommend utilizing only Transline epoxy cartridges with Transline epoxy dispensing guns. Introducing off-brand accessories may result in inferior results and/or damage to the dispenser. Please exercise good sense when using this dispenser and any other epoxy adhesive; always mix the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions, work in a well-ventilated area, and avoid contact with skin and eyes.


Epoxy Dispensing Gun comes ready to work with our 600cc Epoxy cartridges.

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