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  • Transline Industries manufactures all car stops in the USA
  • A large inventory is available at locations in Texas and Florida.
  • Same-day shipping available nationwide.
  • Buy in bulk and save with price discounts available for large quantities.

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Choose from 3 materials depending on your application: rubber, plastic and concrete. Concrete: Concrete parking blocks offer a traditional and effective barrier. Choose concrete for indoor parking garages and protected environments. Weather can degrade concrete over time and temperature can affect the block integrity. Requires even pavement and can be difficult to install. Plastic: This 100% recycled plastic car stop is an affordable, easy to replace option for outdoor parking areas and commercial lots. Lightweight, plastic barriers are easy to install as a one-man job and low shipping costs are a bonus. This wheel stop is available in many colors: ADA compliant blue, yellow, gray and white are all options. Rubber: 100% recycled rubber blocks can be used in outdoor parking lots or for protection of bike lanes and pedestrian walkways and sidewalks. Safer and more durable than plastic or concrete, rubber prevents vehicle damage while providing an effective barrier. A rubber car stop can be installed easily on paved surfaces to the uneven including gravel and aged asphalt.